Dora Demszky

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Hi there! I'm a PhD candidate in the Linguistics Department at Stanford University, advised by Dan Jurafsky. I'm an enthusiastic member of the Stanford NLP group. In my publications, I use my full name, Dorottya Demszky.

My research focuses on developing and applying natural language processing methods to support student centered education. My recent work in this domain includes analyzing the representation of historically marginalized groups in US history textbooks and measuring teachers' uptake of student ideas in classroom discourse.

I am invested in understanding how NLP can be put to the service of social good. In addition to my education projects, I have worked on dialect feature recognition, emotion detection, and on using natural language processing to understand political issues, such as polarization and propaganda.

You can reach me at ddemszky [at] stanford [dot] edu.


Measuring Conversational Uptake: A Case Study on Student-Teacher Interactions
Dorottya Demszky, Jing Liu, Zid Mancenido, Julie Cohen, Heather Hill, Dan Jurafsky & Tatsunori Hashimoto
ACL (2021)

Learning to Recognize Dialect Features
Dorottya Demszky, Devyani Sharma, Jonathan H. Clark, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran & Jacob Eisenstein
NAACL (2021)

Content Analysis of Textbooks via Natural Language Processing: Novel Findings on Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Texas US History Textbooks
Li Lucy*, Dorottya Demszky*, Patricia Bromley, & Dan Jurafsky *equal contribution
American Education Research Association (AERA) Open Journal (2020)
2020 Education Data Science Conference Best Paper Award
[slides] [code] [Stanford HAI article]

GoEmotions: A Dataset of Fine-Grained Emotions
Dorottya Demszky, Dana Movshovitz-Attias, Jeongwoo Ko, Alan Cowen, Gaurav Nemade & Sujith Ravi
ACL 2020
[slides] [code & data] [t-SNE plot]

The Role of Verb Semantics in Hungarian Verb-Object Order
Dorottya Demszky, László Kálmán, Dan Jurafsky, & Beth Levin
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.09432
[LSA 2021 slides] [flowchart] [supplementary material]

Pártélet: A Hungarian Corpus of Propaganda Texts from the Hungarian Socialist Era
Zoltán Kmetty, Veronika Vincze, Dorottya Demszky, Orsolya Ring, Balázs Nagy & Martina Katalin Szabó
LREC 2020

Analyzing Polarization in Social Media: Method and Application to Tweets on 21 Mass Shootings
Dorottya Demszky, Nikhil Garg, Rob Voigt, James Zou, Jesse Shapiro, Matthew Gentzkow & Dan Jurafsky
ACL 2019
[code and data] [NAACL slides] [Stanford News, Washington Post]

Transforming Question Answering Datasets Into Natural Language Inference Datasets
Dorottya Demszky*, Kelvin Guu* & Percy Liang *equal contribution
arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.02922.
[code] [data]
In the summers of 2019 and 2020, I was a Research Intern at Google, where I got the chance to work on great teams on NLP projects.
Other Activities
In 2016, I co-founded a nonprofit organization, Tarisznya Alapítvány (Knapsack Foundation), the goal of which is to empower underprivileged children in Hungary through education. You can learn more on our website or on Facebook.