Dorottya (Dora) Demszky

Assistant Professor in Education Data Science

Graduate School of Education

Stanford University

Mentors and mentees

Current PhD Students

Current Members

PhD Advisee
Rose is PhD student at Stanford University’s Computer Science Department. She works on natural language processing (NLP) and education, like understanding the mechanisms of effective human teaching/learning and developing NLP models with those insights. Previously, she completed her undergraduate at MIT, working with Prof. Josh Tenenbaum, Prof. Jonathan How, Google Brain and Google Brain Robotics.

PhD Advisee
Mei is a 1st year PhD student studying learning sciences and technology design. Her research leverages AI/NLP to develop tools that measure and support instructional practice. She values working in direct partnership with both school districts and edtech companies. Mei is a former software engineer at Microsoft Education and volunteer high school computer science teacher. Outside of work, she is an overambitious home cook and enjoys hikes with her dogs.

Masters Student
Deepak is a recent graduate from the Learning Design and Technology program at the Stanford Graduate School Of Education. Prior to Stanford, Deepak worked in the social impact space in India where he worked with local communities and civil societies to develop technological solutions. He is currently interested in exploring how AI/NLP applications could be leveraged to promote quality education for all. Outside work, Deepak is an avid maker and also enjoys playing.

Masters Student
Deveshi is a coterm student in computer science at Stanford. She studies computational applications across disciplines, including extreme weather, galaxy formation, and classroom discourse. In EduNLP, her current focus is to build a measure for idea attribution between teachers and students.

Undergraduate Student
Ashlee is a senior at Stanford studying Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and a minor in Ethics & Technology. She is a passionate Section Leader for the introductory CS classes at Stanford, and is working to develop NLP models that can give instructors feedback on their teaching.

PhD Student Collaborator
Chris is a 3rd year PhD student researching teacher education, learning technologies, and writing. His current projects explore how teachers can use generative AI to support students' literacy development. Chris is a former high school English teacher. Before becoming an educator, he worked in digital marketing at Google and other tech companies. Outside of work, he is a recovering marathoner and a regular on the local playground circuit with his son, Miles.
Masters student advisees:
  • Tom Cheng, GSE LDT
  • Jiner Zheng, GSE EDS
  • Deepak Varuvel Dennison, GSE LDT
Undergraduate mentees:
  • Ashlee Kupor
  • Deveshi Buch
Former masters student advisees:
  • Mei Tan, GSE EDS
  • Sibei Zhang, GSE EDS
  • Priscilla Zhao, GSE EDS
  • Akshatha Kamath, GSE EDS
Former undergraduate advisees and junior mentees:
  • Sterling Alic
  • Elizabeth Fitzgerald
  • Grace Hu
  • Lucy Li
  • Audrey Acken

Academic Mentors* (until PhD, 2022): Patricia Bromley (Stanford University), Jon Clark (Google Research), Jacob Eisenstein (Google Research), Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton University), Adrienne Fráter (Városmajori Gimnázium), Nikhil Garg (Cornell Tech), Matthew Gentzkow (Stanford University), Kelvin Guu (Google Research), Tatsu Hashimoto (Stanford University), Heather Hill (Harvard University), Dan Jurafsky (Stanford University), László Kálmán (ELTE), Joshua Katz (Princeton University), Jeongwoo Ko (Google Research), Erika Kovács (Városmajori Gimnázium), Júlia Lázár (Városmajori Gimnázium), Beth Levin (Stanford University), Percy Liang (Stanford University), Jing Liu (University of Maryland), Dana Movshovitz-Attias (Google Research), Chris Piech (Stanford University), Vinod Prabhakaran (Google AI Ethics), Jesse Shapiro (Brown University), Devyani Sharma (Queen Mary, University of London), Rob Voigt (Northwestern University)
*not an exhaustive list

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