Dorottya (Dora) Demszky

Assistant Professor in Education Data Science

Curriculum vitae

Graduate School of Education

Stanford University

Dorottya (Dora) Demszky

Assistant Professor in Education Data Science


Dorottya (Dora) Demszky

Assistant Professor in Education Data Science

Curriculum vitae

Graduate School of Education

Stanford University

I'm an Assistant Professor in Education Data Science at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and in Computer Science (by courtesy).  I build and deploy natural language processing methods to support equitable and student-centered education. My research combines machine learning, natural language processing, linguistics and input from practitioners, in order to develop interpretable and scalable education measures. By deploying these measures, I aim to improve educational interventions, teachers' professional development and the equity of curricular materials. 

I received my PhD in Linguistics at Stanford University, advised by Dan Jurafsky, and my BA in Linguistics with a minor in Computer Science summa cum laude at Princeton University. 
If you are interested in applying to do a PhD with me, please follow the application guidelines on the GSE website

Unfortunately, I do not have the bandwidth to advise masters students outside of Stanford and high school students at this time.


  • In this short series put together by the Stanford Teacher Professional Learning team, listen to Bryan, Chris and I respond to educator questions about AI. 
  • I am honored to have been selected as a Leading Woman in AI at the upcoming ASU GSV AIR Show
  • Our paper on evaluating ChatGPT for teacher coaching was selected as the Ambassador Paper at the BEA workshop, to be presented at AIED 2024.
  • My team was awarded an NSF RAPID grant to understand how instrcoaches might best integrate automated feedback.
  • My team was awarded a $70k seed grant from Stanford HAI to understand how AI might help adapt mathematics curricula to support students with diverse learning needs.
  • My student Rose was selected to be a Rising Stars in Data Science at the University of Chicago!
  • My team was awarded a $100k grant from the Gates foundation to develop equitable speech recognition systems for noisy classroom environments.
  • Will teachers listen to feedback from AI? Read my take on EdSurge
  • Is AI the answer to better feedback to teachers? Listen to this podcast hosted by the wonderful Owen and Libby!
  • What does it look like to use AI in the classroom? I was honored to discuss the risks and rewards of these systems in @HGSE's next #EducationNow. You can watch the recording here.
  • "AI Can Make Education More Personal (Yes, Really)": read this opinion piece by Jing Liu, Heather Hill and me, which was in the top 10 of all published Education Week articles for a few days!
  • Our work on automated feedback for teachers was recently featured in Stanford News and EdWeek.
  • My team was awarded a $70k seed grant by the Stanford Accelerator for Learning and HAI to help teachers give more effective feedback, in partnership with Microsoft EDU.

Selected Publications

An Open-Source Library for Education Conversation Data

Rose E Wang, Dorottya Demszky

NAACL System Demonstrations, 2024 Jun

Bridging the Novice-Expert Gap via Models of Decision-Making: A Case Study on Remediating Math Mistakes

Rose E. Wang, Qingyang Zhang, Carly Robinson, Susanna Loeb, Dorottya Demszky

Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2024 Jun

Does Feedback on Talk Time Increase Student Engagement? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial on a Math Tutoring Platform

Dorottya Demszky, Rose E Wang, Sean Geraghty, Carol Yu

The 14th Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK '24), March 18--22, 2024, Kyoto, Japan, 2024 Mar

Improving Teachers’ Questioning Quality through Automated Feedback: A Mixed-Methods Randomized Controlled Trial in Brick-and-Mortar Classrooms

Dorottya Demszky*, Jing Liu*, Heather C. Hill, Shyamoli Sanghi, Ariel Chung

EdWorkingPapers, 2023

“Mistakes Help Us Grow”: Facilitating and Evaluating Growth Mindset Supportive Language in Classrooms

Kunal Handa, Margaret Clapper, Jessica Boyle, Rose E Wang, Diyi Yang, David S Yeager, Dorottya Demszky

Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), 2023 Oct

Using large language models in psychology

Dorottya Demszky*, Diyi Yang*, David S. Yeager*, Christopher J. Bryan, Margarett Clapper, Susannah Chandhok, Johannes C. Eichstaedt , Cameron Hecht, Jeremy Jamieson, Meghann Johnson, Michaela Jones, Danielle Krettek-Cobb, Leslie Lai, Nirel JonesMitchell, Desmond C. Ong, Carol S. Dweck, James J. Gross, James W. Pennebaker

Nature Reviews Psychology, 2023 Oct

M-Powering Teachers: Natural Language Processing Powered Feedback Improves 1:1 Instruction and Student Outcomes

Dorottya Demszky, Jing Liu

L@S '23: Proceedings of the Tenth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale, 2023 Jul

Is ChatGPT a Good Teacher Coach? Measuring Zero-Shot Performance For Scoring and Providing Actionable Insights on Classroom Instruction

Rose Wang, Dorottya Demszky

18th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications, 2023 Jun

Can Automated Feedback Improve Teachers’ Uptake of Student Ideas? Evidence From a Randomized Controlled Trial In a Large-Scale Online Course

Dorottya Demszky, Jing Liu, Heather Hill, Dan Jurafsky, Chris Piech

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 2023 May

Content Analysis of Textbooks via Natural Language Processing: Findings on Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Texas US History Textbooks

Li Lucy*, Dorottya Demszky*, Patricia Bromley, Dan Jurafsky

AERA Open, vol. 6, SAGE Publications Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA, 2020


M-Powering Teachers

Our research team and app that seeks to empower teachers by providing them with automated feedback.

In 2016, I co-founded a nonprofit organization, Tarisznya Alapítvány (Knapsack Foundation), the goal of which is to empower underprivileged children in Hungary through education. You can learn more on our website or on Facebook.
Tarisznya Alapitvany (Knapsack Camps)
I am grateful to my incredible collaborators, mentors and mentees, who have made our projects possible and have made me a better person and researcher.

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